Thursday, 8 November 2012

Design Crush – Timorous Beasties

Seeing as Timorous Beasties' wallpaper is set as the background to my blog, I though it was only fair that they should be one of my first posts.

I heart Timorous Beasties. They make the most awesome patterns. The London Toile is what you see on my blog.

I also have the green version of this across one wall in my house. I could look at this wallpaper forever and not get bored. From a distance it looks like an old-fashioned wallpaper pattern but when you take a closer look you see urban scenes and London landmarks. It also makes a great background for portraits as seen modelled by a one of my friends here.

And their greatness doesn’t stop at The London Toile. They also have brilliant psychedelic patterns and insect motifs.

Have a flick: Visit the Timorous Beasties website

Timorous Beasties – I salute you.

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