Thursday, 15 November 2012

#1 Crush Of The Week – Advent Calendars

I plan to make the 'crush of the week' a weekly feature of this blog thus the #1. I know it’s a bit early to be talking Christmas, but I figured as it’s an advent calendar that I wish to wax lyrical about, I can get away with it. It’s mid-November already people so it’s high time you picked up your countdown to the big day, and, if you’re into Christmas and all its accessories, these two options below are mighty fine:

Prestat’s Magical Advent Calendar


This pinged into my in-box and I thought it was so irresistible; I couldn’t help but give it a mention. Prestat is a classic London chocolate shop that dates way back to 1902. A favourite of Her Majesty and the late Queen Mother, no doubt Wills and Harry will have a Prestat calendar or two knocking around the palace.

Designer and illustrator Kitty Arden has created the front illustration depicting the three wise men and underneath, each new day reveals a different Prestat choccie including flavours like sea salt caramel in dark chocolate; white chocolate truffle with ground pistachio praline and new heather honey truffle.

Prestat Advent Calendar £30
Visit the website:


Ciaté Mini Mani Month Calendar

How frigging cool is this? A manicure calendar from British nail fashion brand Ciaté. Behind each door is a different nail polish ranging through their bestselling mini paint pots, caviar blends, and three exclusive paint pot glitter shades. It’s so popular it’s currently sold out online so check back soon.

Visit the website:

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