Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Cute Baby Booties from Oliver Bonas

Stanley has about 70 aunts and uncles. This is because all of my friends are now referred to as 'Auntie' this or 'Uncle' that. My sister India is Stanley’s only real auntie on my side. It seems so weird to think of my lil’ sis as an auntie. It’s such a grown up sounding name.
Auntie Kristen (not real auntie) just bought Stanley the cutest ever winter booties from Oliver Bonas and I thought they were worthy of a post.

Oliver Bonas Baby Booties

The baby booties are lined with a really cosy cream faux fur and made from real leather on the outside. They lace up at the front which really helps with getting on to small wriggly feet and also helps prevent those small wriggly feet kicking them off again. Such a great Christmas present for a baby!
I tried to find these on the Oliver Bonas website but couldn’t see them. I have just come across these equally snuggly Oliver Bonas Baby Felt Fox Baby Slippers though. Cute!
Thank you Auntie Kristen. xx

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