Tuesday, 18 December 2012

A Very British Breakfast: Jordans

Two great things happened this morning:

1) I fired up a pot of Peet’s coffee that my Mom brought back from San Francisco.

2) I sampled a bowl of a new Jordan’s cereal - Super Berry Country Crisp

The new cereal is a blend of blueberries, cranberries and blackcurrants mixed with clusters of baked oats. It was sweet and delicious although I still felt like I was having a relatively healthy breckie and when I eat oats I always feel like I’m getting a good source of energy from them – setting me up for the day.

True to the packet’s claim the baked oat clusters stayed ‘crunchy to the last bite’ and the mix of fruit has left me feeling – dare I say it – a little festive. Still maybe that’s just my mood anyway.

Jordan's: A Very British Snack Bar

Later I tried one of Jordan’s new Luxury Absolute Nut Bars – a mix of almonds, hazelnuts and pecans together with sweet wholegrain oats. Again, I felt a good energy surge from this gained from the mix of oats and large pieces of nuts. This is definitely something I’d buy for when I’m out on the run and haven’t had a chance to have breakfast which is often the case having a small baby at home.

Here’s Some More Great Things About Jordans:

·      *They care about British countryside – all cereals they use come from farmers who manage at least 10% of their land so the birds and the bees can thrive

·      *They support the Prince’s Countryside Fund – working towards a sustainable future for British farmers

·      *All their cereals are wholegrain and processing is kept to a 

·      *Jordan’s is free from all artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives

·      *They’re a 100% British brand

Visit the Jordan’s website: www.jordanscereals.co.uk

Anyone else tucked into a good breakfast recently? What’s for your breakfast tomorrow?

*Foodie Mom in London was sent complimentary samples of these new Jordan’s products

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