Monday, 8 April 2013

Stanley’s First Birthday

It seems like only yesterday that I was wapping my boobs out in public all over East London (primarily at DLR stations and on the D8 bus) to feed my tiny, screaming baby. At the time, unwanted comments from passers by included, ‘Your baby wants’ feeding’ shit! And, ‘Enjoy every moment, it goes so fast, mine’s 18 now….”. Yawn, really? I don’t believe you but I’m so tired I only have energy to smile back at you through gritted teeth.

Part sleep-deprivation and part disbelief I couldn’t quite believe that this little screaming ball was ever going to let me sleep again. But here we are a year on and like all the rest of those clichéd people – I’m not sure where the time has gone.
We had a little party at the weekend to celebrate Stan’s turning 1. In the end I opted for a Victoria sponge birthday cake – as it was the simplest cake to make and I was running out of time. Inside I filled the cake with Bonne Maman Berries & Cherries Conserve and I topped with raspberries and whipped cream.

I made some baby-friendly banana & apple cupcakes – made with fructose sugar. Okay there was a little bit of cream cheese frosting on top with some icing sugar in – but hey it was a birthday party. These seemed to go down very well with the kiddies but they were a bit messy.

I also bought iced gems and party rings for retro effect - a reminder of the parties I went to when I was a child.

Lucky little Stanley got lots of amazing gifts including  Mon Premier Piano from Auntie India and uncle Tom, a tambourine from Auntie Ames and bumblee bee maracas from Auntie Becs – thanks guys I’m going to have a constant headache for the next three years : )

Stanley was in his element all day with so many people to play with and so much going on at home that he skipped his afternoon nap and crashed straight out at 7pm at the end of the party – bliss!

Happy birthday Stanny B, love Mom. xxx


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