Sunday, 6 January 2013

Mishkin’s – ‘A Kind-of Jewish Deli’

I finally made it to Mishkin’s! Russell Norman’s ‘Kind-of Jewish deli’ opened over a year ago now, at the bottom of Covent Garden on Catherine Street.

Like all of his eateries (Polpo, Spuntino, etc.) attention to detail in the interiors really makes Mishkin’s special. Retro booth seating, 70’s chairs and tables, patterned wallpapers, and a trademark big bar at the entrance for cocktails (gin being the focus in this instance), all helped create a distinct vibe.

By far the coolest thing about this restaurant was the tiny private dining booth at the back enclosed by glass-panelled wooden doors with a radio ‘On Air’ sign over the entrance – book this for an intimate meal out as it only seats four.

Mishkin’s – Kind-of Jewish Food


They’ve covered their backs by claiming this to be a ‘kind-of’ Jewish deli as this place certainly ain’t Kosher. When the £6 Matzo ball soup turned up, my Jewish mother peered down at the lone Matzo ball and said ‘Only one Matzo ball?! My father would be turning in his grave if he saw the size of this'.

Other dishes were better though. My veal meatballs with mash and greens were totally tasty and made with fresh green peppercorns, which gave the balls some extra kick. We had a decent macaroni cheese and minty coleslaw, however our malted chocolate milkshake could have been more malty.

Although I wasn’t brave enough to try it, the special’s board corn dog with onion rings and mac & cheese looked like heart-attack heaven and the Reuben on rye cheese melt sarnies going to other tables looked like a stand out too.

Mishkin’s may not be Kosher but it’s a trendy little café/diner with charm and fun menu items in equal measure.

Mosey on down to Mishkin’s:

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